The Trident Debate

Members of Christian CND, Pax Christi, the NCPO (Network of Christian Peace Organisations) and some members of Christians on the Left will join the protest against the renewal of Trident in Parliament Square this evening, displaying church statements on nuclear weapons under the banner of No Faith in Trident.
They are participating in a prayerful vigil, from 6.00 p.m. until the decision and welcome others to join them.
BBC News on the Importance of the Trident Decision:
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Ways to get Involved - Upcoming Events

Ways to get involved, beyond the 2016 leadership election...

Events coming up across the whole UK, including Liverpool, Manchester and Wolverhampton.


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Information on Labour Leadership Election

This update from our Secretary, Sam Brown, provides some guidance on the upcoming election rules.

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Socialist Societies condemn xenophobic and racist attacks

Over the last few days there have been continued reports of some deeply disturbing scenes around the country.
Today the Society for Labour Lawyers released a statement condemning the recent xenophobic and racist attacks. Christians on the Left along with other socialist society affiliates of the Labour Party strongly support this statement. 
"The Society of Labour Lawyers condemns the racist and xenophobic attacks which have been reported to have taken place across the United Kingdom. Racially motivated violence has no place in our society. Incitement of racial hatred and racially aggravated assault are criminal offences. We call on our members to stand united and undeterred against such xenophobia and racism and we call on the government to condemn these attacks”.
The Labour Party and the Labour movement has a long history of fighting racism and bigotry and we must continue to fight any prejudice and campaign for a fair, equal and just society.
Jonathan Reynolds MP on behalf of the Executive Committee of Christians on the Left.
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Ecuador Earthquake - Buried in the News?

Despite the bad pun, you may have missed this one. When news is all around us and media constantly available, it seems that it's just as easy as ever to be ignorant. All We Can, the Methodist relief and development partner, is responding to the devastation caused by a massive earthquake off the coast of Ecuador that has already claimed over 600 lives and has left thousands with injuries. 


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Labour Victories for Men of Faith - Elections 2016 Roundup

There has been plenty of media coverage of the May 2016 Elections throughout England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Here are some highlights:- there are plenty of links to great stories and videos scattered throughout, so do check them out.

Marvin Rees wins BristolWell, there are certainly some sweet victories to celebrate this week before Labour goes back to some serious self-analysis on what it still needs to work on. In Salford and Liverpool, Labour's Candidates Paul Dennett and Joe Anderson won the Mayoralty with Christians on the Left member Marvin Rees taking a smashing majority in Bristol and Sadiq Khan triumphing in London with a win for "Hope over Fear".

There was much to be proud of as two men who have spoken openly about their Faith found themselves the First Muslim Mayor and First Mayor of African of Carribean Heritage of European Cities:- but why is this such a big news story in 21st Century Britain? 


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Tawney 2016 Recordings

What a fascinating evening.

This year we will be hearing from John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and Daniel K Finn PhD, University Lecturer and Professor of Theology & Economics.

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Dear Nicky

Our member Paul Nicholas receives a standing ovation for his memorable speech "Dear Nicky", addressing Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, on the forced academisation of our schools.

Recorded at the NASUWT Teachers Union Conference, Easter Weekend 2016.


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Director Andy Flannagan appointed to Downing Street OFSOC


Christians on the Left Director Andy Flannagan has been appointed by Prime Minister David Cameron as Director of Downing Street’s OFSOC (Office for Social Justice Responsibility). The new body will assess all government policies for their potential positive or negative impact on social justice. He will commence the role after the mid-session parliamentary recess on June 6th.

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Keep Sunday Special - You did!

KSS Logo

Plans to overhaul Sunday trading laws in England and Wales have been dropped after they were rejected by MPs.

Leading the charge were a coalition of unions, small shop associations, the Church of England and Christians on the Left.

A huge thanks and congratulations to all those who spoke up and stepped out and to the MPs who listened to the concerns of their constituents before the vote.

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