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Sharing passion, disagreeing well: two Christians on the Left members, from opposite sides of the Labour leadership campaign, share their thoughts about how to disagree well in an age of polarised politics:

"There is no doubt that passion has returned to politics. There has been a lot to get passionate about. The referendum on European Union membership and the Labour leadership election are only the latest examples. In the past couple of years, the United Kingdom has seen Scotland hold an intensely debated referendum on its future and elected a Conservative government at a general election.

With the passion that has encouraged many people to engage with politics for the first time, has often come a harder edge. Exhortation has in many cases turned into shouting and vision has given way to vitriol. This did not even stop after the murder of a Member of Parliament during the referendum campaign. We are compelled to ask, how can we do politics well by each other? We may disagree, but how can we disagree well? We can find a way, and we can take heart that we have been here before."

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More About Christians on the Left

Thanks for visiting our website! We hope you enjoy exploring it and finding out more about Christians on the Left. We exist primarily to support, resource and network Christians involved on the left of politics in the UK, but we now also have members all over the world. It's an exciting time of rapid growth with well over 2000 members, including 40 MPs and 15 peers, not to mention scores of local and county councillors.

Our primary identity is in Christ, not a political ideology, but our reading of scripture inevitably leads us to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”, standing against injustice in all its forms, on the side of poor and needy.

We believe that in his wisdom, God knows us better than we know ourselves, including our tendency towards selfishness as individuals and communities. So we believe that in the pattern of Biblical traditions such as Sabbath and Jubilee, our systems and structures should be ordered in a way that mitigates the inevitable trickle up of power and wealth towards the powerful and the wealthy. 

Wise boundaries simply protect us from ourselves and from exploiting fellow humans, not to mention the rest of creation. Any healthy individual or relationship needs boundaries, and so do nations and economies. They encourage behaviour that serves the common good. An economy must be the servant of the people, not its master. We stand against the attempted separation of family life from economic life.

But the change we seek cannot be engineered solely from outside the systems and structures of our world. We are a movement who believe that annoying as it may often be, politics matters. We do not have an option to opt out. For too long as believers we have been shouting from the sidelines rather than getting on the pitch.

This leads Christians on the Left to be involved in many things: prayer, campaigning, standing for election to local, regional, national and European bodies, political theology and communication training, parliamentary events, local groups, written resources, neighbourhood service projects, lectures, and research.

If you'd like to get more involved, and you're not already a member, then you can join online here or contact us for a membership form.

                                                               - Andy Flannagan, Director, Christians on the Left

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