Hope for the Middle East

Last week, Christians on the Left were invited by Open Doors to a Parliamentary Reception to learn more about their ‘Hope for the Middle East’ campaign.

Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011 and the rise of ISIS in Iraq in 2014, Christians have been among the millions driven from their home by conflict... And yet, the persecution of Christians in the middle east is not new.

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New Christians on the Left Director, Louise Davies

2017 held more than a few surprises and upsets politically.

We were sad to wave goodbye to Andy Flannagan as our Director at the Labour Party Conference, but it is with a sense of excitement for a new season that we welcome Louise Davies, who starts this week as our new Director. Andy is not leaving us altogether, as he of course remains a committed member and we are sure we will continue to benefit from his input and wisdom!

Louise has been a part of our political mentoring programme for 2017 so has become well known to some of our members over this time. Here's some more from Louise on why she is excited about the next season for Christians on the Left:

For a number of years I felt the call of God to enter into politics. Having been part of the Senior Leadership Team at Hope City Church Sheffield, in 2013 I was released to pursue this call. However, I am still active in my church and I am part of the church’s preaching team, travelling extensively across its 12 locations.

Since leaving the Senior Leadership Team of Hope City, I have developed a large network of political contacts, stood as a candidate, worked for a Shadow Minister, and I am currently the Chair of my Sheffield Heeley CLP. I have given myself fully to this challenge and shall continue to work with my local CLP as I embark on this new role.

I have always been proud to be a member of Christians on the Left. Andy and the Exec have done an incredible work of building the profile of the organisation and it is a privilege to take this work to forwards. I trust that together we can continue to empower Christians not only to deepen their relationship with God but also to enter the political arena.

Our Chair Jonathan Reynolds MP said "I'm delighted that Louise is joining us to continue the fantastic work Andy has done for CotL over the last 9 years. She has a huge amount of experience in business, politics, and faith communities and I am very excited about what the future holds for Christians on the Left."

We're not letting Louise stand still for long, with her first meetings with the executive and trip to Parliament already in place this week! You'll be hearing directly from her very soon, once we let her sit still long enough to get her feet under a desk...



Dr Andy Flannagan, Louise Davies and Jonathan Reynolds MP

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Labour National Youth Policy Conference 2017

As a Christians on the Left member and contributor, and current university student, I was pleased to represent CotL as the delegate to the Labour Party’s National Youth Policy Conference, hosted by Young Labour at the University of Warwick last weekend.

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The Director's thoughts... From a field

I am writing to you from a field in deepest Somerset.

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Conference 2017 Fringe Events


We are delighted to be running a full programme of events at the annual Labour Party Conference in Brighton this September 24th-27th. As long-standing members will know, our "Fringe" events are anything but, with many of them drawing large numbers of conference attendees as well as many viewers online. Watch out for our Live Feed and reports from Conference this September!

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"Robin Hood Tax" Report Launch Event with the Labour Party

Christians on the Left supports the introduction of the "Robin Hood Tax" or an FTT (Financial Transaction Tax) and has worked in Partnership with the Robin Hood Tax Campaign for many years.Labour_Rose.png

Today, Tuesday July 18th saw the release of a milestone report in the campaign for an FTT that would benefit the whole of the UK. John McDonnell MP, the Shadow Chancellor was there to introduce Professor Avinash Persaud (author of the report) along with Jonathan Reynolds MP, Shadow City Minister and Chair of Christians on the Left. Daniel May-Miller and Andy Flannagan were also there from CotL to find out and report on what all the excitement was about...

Download and Read the full, easily digestible report here. Surprisingly well written, with depth and detail on how and why the tax will work, yet understandable by almost anyone.

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Abortion: An Adult Conversation?

The issue of abortion and crisis pregnancy more generally has been back in the news in the last few weeks. In the midst of the inflammatory language and virtue signalling from both sides of the debate it is sometimes difficult to have an adult conversation about the issue. This means for many of us, our understanding of such a complex subject is fairly superficial. Christians on the Left is curating the thoughts of some of our members and referencing some hopefully helpful background reading.

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Responding to terror

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, and with their friends and families. Such acts of violence are designed to strike fear in our hearts but instead, as has been so evident, they have the effect of emphasising our common humanity and increasing our resolve.

These have been attacks on our way of life too – on our democracy and tolerance of different views. The General Election has many people of different faiths standing as candidates, across the political spectrum. This is something to be celebrated, and stands in stark contrast to the extremist views of those who have taken lives in the name of faith.


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Watching our words and deeds

Statement from Christians on the Left regarding antisemitic, abusive and intolerant behaviour

‘Within European culture, the root of all racism, I think is found in antisemitism. It goes back more than 1000 years in Europe. Within our Christian tradition, there has been century upon century of these terrible, terrible hatreds in which one people, who at the same time have contributed more to our culture as a people than almost any other that one can identify, that one people are also hated more specifically, more violently, more determinedly, more systematically than any other people.’ – Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury 2017

Respect, dignity, tolerance, watching our words and deeds; all things we value highly as Christians on the Left, along with the ability to disagree robustly but well and the ability to speak out against persecution and hatred.

Events over the last few months have shone a spotlight on the worst of how we behave towards one another. The unacceptable antisemitic remarks and racist behaviour displayed in public, over social media and within communities have all shown a need for relational restoration.

As Christians on the Left, we believe that antisemitic, xenophobic, racist and other personal attacks are absolutely unacceptable. 

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Meet Ann Pettifor

Ann Pettifor will be one of the main speakers at the Tawney dialogue this Wednesday. Read on to find out about her and her views.

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