Your message to Iraqi and Syrian Christians

"Please pray for us who had to leave their homes by force in Iraq because of the situation. Please pray for protection, peace and provision to our families." (Iraqi viewer of SAT-7)

Christian Satellite 7 which broadcasts into Iraq and Syria wants people to show support to the Christians of Iraq and Syria by writing prayers or a message of love which may get read out, or shown on screen to viewers in the region.

 “The Supreme Council of the Evangelical Community in Syria and Lebanon said the killings and religious "cleansing" by "the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)...verge on being a bona fide genocide", which combined with the "catastrophic" three-year conflict in Syria, have created an "existential threat" to Christians and other minorities in the Middle East.” (SAT-7)

If you wish to give a message of support go to

Christians on the left will also be holding a prayer event 10pm to 10:30pm for the Middle East this Sunday 21st Sep. Those of us who are at Labour Party Conference will be meeting in Lincoln Square for a Candlelit Vigil. (Brazenose St, M2 5LN) - very close to the conference venue.

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