Think things are bad at the moment? Time for the young person maybe!

Well – they seemed bad to me!   House prices at a level that I can’t even consider buying a house. An NHS that is not failing, but being failed.  An older generation who can appear out of touch with the needs of the young, content to enjoy their triple lock pensions and take us out of the EU with all the problems it may well cause in the future. Spiralling student loans, with a spiralling cost of living, and reduced career prospects through a ‘gig’ economy. Our environment increasingly compromised, often at the convenience of big business, to name but a few of the issues!  We all have a view on who is responsible and what the answers are. We certainly seem to live in a more polarised society now.

A tipping point for me was the vote to leave the EU, triggered by such a dishonest campaign.  However, all of the above contributed to my reaching a point where I wanted to ‘push back’ and do something to help my future.   I do not think I am alone. I decided to join the Labour Party because it shared my core values and offered me hope for the future.   To achieve this hope, I believe it is vital that we engage the entire younger generation to respond - and become active in the whole political process. I think we are starting to see this a bit more now and it is exciting….