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rsz_corevalue.jpgChristians on the Left traces its origins back to 1848, though the movement has grown and developed since then through the contribution of people with a clear commitment to social justice born of their Christian faith.

FD Maurice, Ellen Wilkinson, George Lansbury, RH Tawney and Donald Soper may be among the better known Christian Socialists but it’s the endeavours of numerous Christians from all walks of life which have made the movement what it is today.

CotL members voted in a postal ballot to change the Movement's statement of values during November 2006. Approximately 80% of ballots recieved were in favour. The ballot followed the decision of the 2006 AGM to endorse the change. That decision came after an extensive consultation period.

Values, objectives and aims


Our values

  • We believe that Christian teaching should be reflected in laws and institutions and that the Kingdom of God finds its political expression in democratic socialist policies.
  • We believe that all people are created in the image of God. We all have equal worth and deserve equal opportunities to fulfil our God-given potential whilst exercising personal responsibility.
  • We believe in personal freedom, exercised in community with others and embracing civil, social and economic freedom.
  • We believe in social justice and that the institutional causes of poverty in, and between, rich and poor countries should be abolished.
  • We believe all people are called to common stewardship of the Earth, including its natural resources.


Christians on the Left members pledge themselves to work in prayer and through political action for the following objectives:

  • A greater understanding between people of different faiths
  • The unity of all Christian people
  • Peace and reconciliation between nations and peoples and cultures together with worldwide nuclear and general disarmament
  • Social justice, equality of opportunity and redistribution economically to close the gap between the rich and the poor, and between rich and poor nations
  • A classless society based on equal worth and without discrimination
  • The sustainable use of the Earth’s resources for the benefit of all people, both current and future generations
  • Co-operation, including the creation of cooperative organisations


Christians on the Left will:

  • Promote Christian Socialist values in politics
  • Encourage Christians to engage in political action to work for a society reflecting our values and objectives
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and policies to develop Christian Socialism
  • Campaign vigorously against all forms of oppression, prejudice and abuse of power
  • In all our transactions seek to create and sustain a spirit of Christian fellowship and seek the Kingdom of God through deepening knowledge of God.
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commented 2016-09-30 09:54:11 +0100 · Flag
I believe the UK should maintain a strong conventional armed force and be a member of NATO. As regards nukes I dont know, Im still on the fence is it better to have our own nuke deterrent or allows the US and others to be our umbrella.

Does anyone really think Putin cares if the UK disarms of nukes or not, he will still do what he wants to do.
commented 2016-06-17 09:30:39 +0100 · Flag
Socialism and Capitalism are worldly concepts. The Kingdom of God is God’s concept. We cannot serve God and mammon. Christians who identify with the world, inevitably do so at the expense of their identy in the Kingdom. Kingdom economics are not capitalist or socialist, Kingdom justice is not Capitalist or Socialist, and Kingdom society is not Capitalist or Socialist. The Kingdom of God seeks to raise us above these worldly systems, calling us to embrace the teachings of Jesus, and therefore into inevitable opposition from the world. Christians who seek to identify with Socialism will become despised by socialists, and Christians who seek to embrace Capitalism will become marginalised by capitalists. The very terms Christian Socialism / Capitalism are like the feet of Daniels statue, iron and clay mixed together, unable to bond, doomed to collapse!