Alan Doel comments on income, employment and asks how do we prevent a 'hard landing' 
No one else is going to say it, so we Christians must, because it is true and it needs to be handled to prevent a 'hard landing'.
'It' is the fact we are paying ourselves too much. Why else are we borrowing every month? We are not specially investing, it's just for housekeeping. We need to get real, realize that there are huge numbers of educated, aspiring middle class young people in other parts of the world, doing the same jobs as we are at a third of the salary. So our way is unsustainable. Unpalatable news, and not stuff to sell on doorsteps, or be welcomed at policy meetings, but that doesn't stop it happening.  Those who have seen their jobs go elsewhere, will understand; and so will others recently made redundant, who are finding few jobs equivalent to the one they had; and steel industry people too. 

Giving the warning will make us unpopular, even if tempered with telling how it should be handled to provide a 'soft landing', but does anyone think events will not vindicate us?
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