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Sadiq Khan with Andy Flannagan

Our director Andy Flannagan with London mayor Sadiq Khan and Rev Pete Hughes (KXC leader) at an event at King's Cross Church (KXC), London in 2016.

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Jonathan Reynolds on the Budget

Our chair, Jonathan Reynolds MP, speaks on the spring 2017 budget.

Produced by Life Stories @ Lunch (

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Our animated short film to promote the Patriots Pay Tax campaign is here!

With thanks to John Bowen.

Read more information about the campaign here. Sign the petition here!

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The Politics of 2016

2016 has been a year of political shocks. Political rhetoric seems dominated by fear, deceit and exclusivity. How should Christians respond? Office assistant Matthew Judson gives his thoughts:

Click here to read his essay.

Can 2017 be different? Director Andy Flannagan shares:

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Faith and the Future of Labour

Christians on the Left co-hosted 'Faith and the Future of the Labour Party', an event bringing together representatives from Labour faith communities to hear from leadership candidates Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith.

Read the speech made by CotL executive member Njoki Mahiani here.

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"Just War" Event

Panel members from the Christians on the Left 'Just War' event in Durham discussing the 'just war' theory, nuclear weapons and British intervention in foriegn wars.

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Jeremy Corbyn at the 2015 Labour Party Conference Service

New Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks at the annual conference service run by Christians on the Left, highlighting the importance of strong inter-faith relationships and praising the role of Christians in supporting refugees and running foodbanks.

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Gavin Shuker on the 2015 Election

Luton South MP Gavin Shuker discusses the 2015 general election and Christians on the Left.

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CotL Exec members give their thoughts on Christians on the Left

See some of our executive members talking about why they're involved with Christians on the Left


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CotL EC member at Greenbelt

Watch Fiona Green, Christians on the Left Executive member talk at Greenbelt earlier this year.

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