UK and Labour’s Future

labour_market_2020_7b2c0be0d6ef0ca56a1762125c02ce3b.jpgWe need a vision of what Britain and the world will be like in 5 years time and be ready for a mandate from a desperate country to implement policies that we believe in.

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In 5 year’s time inequality and the need for homes will be scandals; the NHS and schools will not have enough cash, neither will the Tories have turned the deficit to a surplus.  All leaving the next generations poor.

Unemployment will be a serious problem: technology will continue to reduce the need for low-skilled workers and due to technology and outsourcing to Asia, skilled work will also be lost. The roles of people without skills will test society.

This in a world where climate change will have been experienced with effects on mass migration and food production; all compounded  by burgeoning world middle class populations competing with Europe and North America, raising commodity prices, especially of food.

The disorder in the House of Islam may be worse.

Inequality and Finance need to be tackled simultaneously by taking the adult view that as a nation, 'Greece-like' we are paying ourselves too much. Government-paid  salaries  need to be reduced on a sliding scale, introduced gradually and biting deeper year by year to achieve a balanced budget without loosing staff or reducing services. See graph. This will be difficult with rising commodity prices and the call on perhaps the top 60% earners for sacrifice and loyalty will be a hard sell, but essential to preserve national unity.

Homes  The increases in both population and number of households combined with years when few houses have been built requires us to face up to the fact that all today’s desirable properties were built on farm land and that is unavoidable. Sustainable housing is more achievable with New Towns and they need to be planned and built.

Unemployment   Rather than the convenience of employing go-getting immigrants, we have to love our own unemployed sufficiently to get them to a workplace. Labour must make ‘the Big Society’ idea work by devolving Benefit payments to local government. It will then dawn on communities that Benefit recipients who can be drawn into work release money for other purposes/employment/services.                                                                                                                    

Alan Doel, Labour Party Member

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With customer credit close by you can purchase anything from gas at the pump, to lager at the ballpark, or a school training (understudy advances sound natural to anybody?). A purchaser charge card organization needs you to purchase a wide range of things on layaway (regularly at ludicrously high loan fees – once in the past called usury), to pay later, while heaping up a pile of obligation that will enable the loaning establishment to make you work for whatever is left of your days with a specific end goal to pay off your obligation to them.
commented 2015-07-24 00:38:08 +0100 · Flag
I wonder which of the 4 potential leaders will think of policies that will truly address these problems rather than exacerbating them with policies that are just a bit gentler than what we have now. Hint……exclude the blairites!

Ps. The last time labour messed about with a leadership election they took their eye off the ball and let the Tories sow the myth that labour had caused the crash.
By the time milliband had been elected this myth had stuck. Even labour mp’s apologised for causing the crash.
Labour need to set the agenda like robin Cook did with the nhs……he was voracious in his attacks and had new stories in the press every week which never let the Tories settle or return to setting the political agenda.
commented 2015-06-29 12:57:15 +0100 · Flag
An interesting and concise analysis

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In church recently I met someone who runs a food bank. He talked to me about how his service helped people from many different backgrounds who have become stuck in a poverty trap. Some need short term support to get them through a difficult period, while others are permanently stuck. I was struck by the commitment of this gentleman to help others and of his conviction that our society should not be organised this way.

It is a familiar story to any churchgoer. Churches across the country contain many similarly motivated people. They are driven by their Christian conviction that all are created equally and that everyone therefore has equal worth. Working in food banks, helping the homeless, giving shelter to refugees, fighting famine and poverty abroad, and in many other ways, church members are working for the most disadvantaged in society. Moreover, with at least one church in every town and village, this work is happening and being supported across the country.

This years conference is the second Labour conference I have been to and the first where I have been there as part of Christians on the Left...

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell today praised the campaign organised by Christians on the Left to support paying tax.

Mr McDonnell congratulated Christians on the Left and its chair, Jonathan Reynolds MP, for our campaign slogan  :

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