Truth to Power Discussion Series

-- COMING APRIL 2018 --
The Truth to Power Series aims to provoke a deeper discussion on the Left about how as Christians we think about a series of issues. Bringing biblical perspectives, key thinking from members of Christians on the Left and the Executive Committee, alongside thought provoking questions and additional resources for group leaders, the videos can be used at home, with friends or colleagues, at an event or individually to inspire further study around five key topics:
Refugees & Immigration
War & Peace
Housing & Homelessness
Economics and the 99%
Prisons & Criminal Justice
The series focuses on how our faith should guide the principles underpinning government policy, preparing us to speak the Truth to those with Power. This will look different to each members of Christians on the Left, as we live out the calling God has for our lives. Some will campaign, some will lobby, some will vote, some will abstain, some will stand, some will represent and all will pray. We hope this series will help equip you to live out your call.



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