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Christians on the Left’s first national day conference was without a doubt a storming success. At St John’s Hoxton in North London, over a hundred Christians on the Left supporters met to pray, learn, discuss and worship against a backdrop of seeking to change our political culture.

In the spirit of CotL’s ethos, answering the call of the old testament prophets, the conference was called Truth to Power. This looked like believers, campaigners and those who seek to shape our politics sharing God’s heart for various policy areas in our nation and beyond.

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Esther Swaffield-Bray, of International Justice Mission spoke passionately about God’s heart for the enslaved. She shared some of IJM’s work in the UK and abroad, of their faithful service to Christ in campaigning, advocacy and action based firmly around a contractual obligation to prayer.

Dr Krish KandiahLater, we heard from political actors about the influence of the life of Jesus on their work. David Lammy MP shared of the righteous anger he has felt over the government’s treatment of the Windrush generation in recent years. In a similar way, Jeanette Arnold OBE AM told of how her upbringing in the church taught her from an early age of the importance of speaking truth unapologetically, and shared how that had influenced her work in fighting Female Genital Mutilation, and now leads her work as the Chair of the Greater London Assembly.

In breakout sessions we heard talks from passionate campaigners on the climate crisis, trade justice, economics, prison reform and a range of other issues that Christians should care about. Christians on the Left is a voice for the church on these issues, both within the Labour Party and also within the wider world of politics.Sofa Panel

In our final session, Director of ‘Home For Good’ Dr Krish Kandiah talked emotionally about the work of the church in supporting children in the adoption system. He shared stories of the hard work of Home For Good in encouraging Christians to adopt, but also in the government to seek a more compassionate and loving approach to adoption policy development. Through scripture and personal testimony, Krish ended our first ever conference in an incredibly moving way.

We were blessed by the success of our conference, and we loved having community with members and supporters. We hope that it encouraged and equipped members to authentically pray for, and speak truth to, those in power:

in our party, in our churches and in our country.



Media from the Conference is available on our YouTube Channel Here and the Conference Programme can be downloaded Here.

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