The World Turned Upside Down

EU Parliament

 In the Brexit fall-out we've seen the status-quo be turned on its head, led by what was  originally a minority movement. What led the huge change in public opinion against a  socially-principled EU, and how can we recover our faith-driven political principles?

One of the hardest things to understand, when reflecting on the events of the last few weeks, has been the curious way in which history can be turned on its head and rewritten to match the aspirations of a specific group.  In a world of greater-than-ever access to knowledge, it is apparent that this rapidly expanding body of information available to all does not always convert into rational thought.  Indeed, the overload of information increases the likelihood that people become more and more confused and cynical about everything.  How often have we heard that people no longer trust the ‘experts’, and what does this mean in a society which generally has established itself upon the development of experts?  What is our reliance on local government, but an abdication of personal responsibilities to a central group perceived as more expert or equipped to undertake the role?  In a consumerist