Video Channel

Did you come to the Summit? Did you record a video? Did you miss the Summit and want to get a flavour? Then you should check out Christians on the Left's video channel and watch the superb clips from the Summit.

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Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos from the Summit 2014. Pretty great, I'm sure you'll agree and all taken by the brilliant Hamish Melville.

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Thank you from Vauxhall Foodbank

vauxfood.jpegTo the Christians on the Left who attended the Summit


Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Vauxhall foodbank, following your recent collection. You gave 90.3 kg of food (enough food for approximately 136 meals), which will be used to feed some of the poorest people in our local area.

Since Vauxhall foodbank opened at the end of June 2011 we have given out over 44,694kg of food / 67,041 meals to over 6,935 people. All of this food has been collected from organisations like yours, churches, schools and other groups from the local community. The majority has come from the customers of Sainsburys Nine Elms who donate to our volunteers standing outside the store on a monthly basis.



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It's time to get #crosswithvampires

bettingshops.jpgBoth the City of London and Canary Wharf loom large where I live in East London; the gleaming glass and soaring towers speaking of power, wealth and opportunity.  But down at ground level it’s a very different story.  All across this part of London high streets have been slowly but surely taken over by a toxic combination of betting and loan shops. These vampire businesses are sucking the life out my community and unless the Government make one simple change there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

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Why welfare and social housing are Christian issues

Alison Gelder is director of Housing Justice and one of the speakers at The Summit. She writes here:

Why this topic and why now…

There was a lot of murmuring and some polite heckling during one of the keynote addresses at 2013’s National Justice and Peace conference. Eventually the chair, former MP John Battle, had to intervene to get the session back on track. The cause of the disturbance was the disparaging of the concept of welfare and the welfare state by the (American) speaker, Megan McKenna. Welfare has long been a bad word in the USA, carrying with it connotations of dependency (another bad word), cheating and scroungers. The audience (mainly Catholics over the age of 40) sought to defend the British welfare state as a good and Christian thing – something they were proud of and wanted to see promoted rather than decried.

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Boost in line up for social action Summit

Speakers to lead donations to food bank

Donations of food and a call for action will form a major part of an important conference on social and political action next week.

The Summit, a major gathering of Christians involved in community action, is taking place on 18th February at the Vauxhall Christian Centre in London. It is being organised by Christians on the Left.

The Summit will bring together Christian activists from around the country. It will look at the role faith plays in Christian work in communities and it will challenge people to think about political as well as social action.

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Does the church hide faith in social action?

Is it too busy with social action to pursue social justice?

Summit of Christian community leaders debates direction of social policy

Community launch of Christians on the Left 

Christian community workers will get together next month to ask vital questions about the direction of social policy in this country. The recession has left many people in poverty, with demand for both payday loans and food banks rising rapidly. Despite the lack of support in government for its own 'Big Society' agenda, the church has helped fill the gap by supporting communities across the country.

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Welcome to the Summit

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