The Office is Moving!

The office is on the move and we are very excited about what this could mean for Christians on the Left. However, we will need your help to make this happen.

Changes are afoot in the Christians on the Left Office. After a number of happy years based in Labour Party Headquarters, we are now in the process of relocating. We have had a huge increase in membership and therefore an increasing number of volunteers in recent months so we need more space that presently cannot be provided by the Party. We are also keen to support and grown the training we can offer. This has led to us taking office space in St John's Church Hoxton – where a member of our executive is Vicar. We will continue to have a presence in Westminster using MP's offices. The move to a local context also means we are fleshing out our desire to connect policy and lifestyle - campaigning at the national level, while championing new methods of living out those values in a neighbourhood alongside a local church. We are very excited about this transition and the potential for growth that it affords us.


However, like most change, this leads to some short-term costs (which will pay off in the long run!). I would therefore like to ask if you could consider giving CotL a gift this Christmas and contributing to the move in some way. At the end of this letter you will find a list of things that we need, and would ask you to prayerfully consider what you could help with. Either by sending a donation designated for the office move, or because you happen to have any of the items lying around and would be willing to donate them.


Think of it like buying someone a goat in Uganda for Christmas. Except you are buying something less alive, but just as practical! Your gift of say £30 will help someone in the CotL office communicate more effectively with MPs and members. 

If you can give, the easiest way is via our online Shop, where you can choose the item you would like to buy, in line with your budget. All of the items we need are labeled Office Move Appeal. It should look something like this:

These are not all of the items available, so click on to pages 2 and 3 to find your ideal donation. If this method is not for you, do feel free to send a cheque, with a note that says, “I am buying CotL a shredder for Christmas (or New Year!)” The appeal will be live until the final day of January, but we will remove any items that are no longer needed once they are all bought.

The last few months have shown the importance of Christians on the Left. Whether campaigning sucessfully on Tax Credits, Sunday Trading or Assisted Dying or connecting our many new members with others in their locality, we are connecting the local and the national, the theological and the political, and people to their passions.

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