Tawney Dialogue 2015: The People's Hustings


What do you think is the biggest issue facing Britain? Do you think you could do better than our politicians? Do you want to take your chance to have your say? Can you persuade an audience of MPs? Well, now you can. Show up and grasp the opportunity!

Our last official event before the general election, 2015's Tawney dialogue promises to be an interesting and thought-provoking evening as well as a brief respite from knocking on doors for those who will no doubt be hard at work in their constituencies for their favoured candidates.

We're very proud of our history and our roots as Christians on the Left. It's likely that an elderly RH Tawney attended some of our founding meetings as the Christian Socialist Movement, and we were certainly influenced by his writings. Indeed, we still are! Which is why we have the annual Tawney Dialogue.  And this year's will be on Wednesday March 18th at Westminster Central Hall from 6:40pm to 8:40pm.

Though initially a lecture, we felt that the move to a discursive event was more in tune with Tawney's belief in the values of dialogue and proper public discourse.

New Format

In this election year, we've decided to take that dialogue even further. Rather than have professional politicians talking to you, we'd like you to talk to our politicians. 

This year's Tawney dialogue will be your chance to give a short speech on what you think government should be doing. Instead of booking your place at Speakers' Corner like Donald Soper, you'll have an audience in Westminster Central Hall with a panel of MPs to respond to your speech, including Mary Creagh, shadow Secretary of State for International Development.




One of the main roles of Christians on the Left as an organisation is to make the case for political engagement to those who are politically disengaged, especially in churches. As we visit parts of the country, we're not blind to the frustration with politics and politicians, and I'm sure you've seen the same thing.

This is the ideal opportunity to invite anyone you know who may not be engaging with politics or has derided your involvement to get involved and have their say. As we've been saying in our Show Up campaign, there's no point shouting from the sidelines when you can get on the pitch. 

All anyone who wants to get on the pitch and take part needs to do is email 300 words on what they'd like to say to info@christiansontheleft.org.uk with the heading Tawney Speech.


If you want to invite your friends, then you can either download this poster for use on noticeboards or save this image and use it on your Facebook, twitter and any other social media.

March 18, 2015 at 6:40pm - 8:40pm
Methodist Central Hall
Storey's Gate
London, London SW1H 9NH
United Kingdom
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I Look forward to this election year’s Tawney Dialogue and the new format on this occasion.

I request time to speak on how society has lost its way when it is fails young people on this major scale.
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If I can, speak I’ll mention the Motion for (Greater) Income Equality in the UK*, as follows: “We call on the next UK government to make the UK th emost income-equal country in Europe and the Commonwealth, within one parliamentary term.”
  • This motion has already been adopted by Labour Action for Peace (and for passing on the NEC of The Labour Party and Policy Commission Chair of The Labour Party) and by the Bromley branch of The Co-operative Party (again, for onward transmission to the NEC of The Co-operative Party and to the London Co-operative Party Council).

In addition, I’ll point to a plan for Co-operative Socialism (in the papers at www.interestfreemoney.org) which is designed to bring about income- and economic-equality – as described to us in the teachings of Jesus.
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