Tawney 2014

Here you can find articles, photo galleries and audio recordings from this year's brilliant Tawney Dialogue with Rachel Reeves MP and Dr Anna Rowlands.

For reports, click here, or you can listen to the audio recordings from the event below. Enjoy!




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commented 2014-04-17 14:08:20 +0100 · Flag
Thank you for posting these online. The two contributions were interesting but I thought there was little difference between them so I wonder if the dialogue and discussion suffered from too much agreement! However I think that the subject was an important one – the discussion of welfare dependency is still important, not least because of public attitudes to welfare. I was surprised that the only mention of ‘equality’ was in Rachel Reeves reference to the relationship between the National Minimum Wage and the earnings of directors in the top 100 companies. I think we have to link policies for redistribution and creating greater equality by taxation with any discussion of the welfare system. We have to be more bold in defending a safety net and in promoting policies which will involve higher rates of tax on those who own property and have high incomes. Thanks again for posting the talks online.