I grew up in a village in Africa fairly blessed compared to many girls of my age, thanks to my late brother -Late Paulson Ugochukwu who took it upon himself to ensure I gained admission into and graduated from University. I turned out to be the first girl to gain admission and graduate to university before others in my village. I also happened to have been the first writer in my local area at the age of 23 and had a stint of village politics when I was appointed the only young person in the leadership of my town at 22. Above all I grew up as a church girl but not born again!
After graduation I came to live in the city of Lagos (at this time with my sister) in the wider community. I began to follow the national political news. Contrary to the tranquility, honesty and trust that characterised my village politics, I began to hear of corruption in the seats of power. To worsen the matter I had few disappointing experiences. 
The one that stood out for me was one occasion when I trusted someone and he almost took advantage of me. I became a broken girl, I began to withdrew from my friends. The 19th or thereabout of September 1994 was a remarkable day for me. I woke up as usual and since I was still unemployed, I finished all the house chores and sat back to watch the news. But it was all bad news or corruption. I was so disillusioned that I suddenly fell into a Trance (I know I was not sleeping).
Suddenly a slim dark figure appeared to me and kind of replaced the TV and I could no longer see or hear the TV. The figure in the trance was definitely the devil and he began a conversation with me which may have lasted for not more than two minutes. "You can see there is nothing good to live for". I am not sure what my response was but I was definitely interested in the line of discussion. The figure continued, "you can't trust anyone and can't do anything about it, so is it not better to kill yourself". I asked how? 
The figure suggested three options: we got into a bit of an argument though; electrocute yourself, stab yourself or overdose. From the subconscious at the last suggestion I uttered something like: WHAT WILL JESUS DO? At that instant the figure disappeared and I had a knock on the door and was startled out of that trance. The experience led to me turning my life and trust to Jesus and I have not looked back.
Even after almost 13 years since settling in the UK I have continued to asked myself how I can actively participate in public life to make a change, as I believe that if you can't do anything about it quit complaining! I prayed and argued but at the wake of the MP expenses crisis I told myself I have had enough. That is when I became active in local party politics and I am glad that I am able to make my little contributions to my community.
I was even more excited to know that there are fellow Christians who believe that prayers are not enough to make the much needed change in the politics of the UK. Action goes hand in hand with prayer to see the change we desire. That is why I am a Christian on the Left!!!
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