Christians on the Left Statement on Anti-semitism

Statement from Christians on the Left.

IMG-20180326-WA0006.jpgAs Christians on the Left, we believe that anti-semitic, xenophobic, racist and other personal attacks, behaviours and attitudes are absolutely unacceptable.

We are grieved to see that many people, Jews and non-Jews, Labour Party members and those outside the party, still feel that Labour has not fully addressed the issue of anti-semitism within the Party. Whilst some positive steps have been taken in recent months, it is clear that these have not been sufficient and that significant work still needs to be done to regain the trust of the Jewish community, Labour Party members and the public at large.

This is why we think it is right that Jeremy Corbyn has offered a firm apology and that he will be meeting with Jewish community members and leaders, to continue to map out the path that Labour must take to stamp out anti-semitism within the party and rebuild trust across these communities. We look forward to seeing the next steps carried out and will press to ensure that the Labour leadership will identify, challenge and remove anti-semitic and intolerant members that have no place in the Labour movement.

As Christians on the Left, we will continue to be a voice clearly stating that hatred, abuse and anti-semitism has no place within the Labour Party and campaigning to make that a reality.


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Christians on the Left Executive

March 2018

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In context of the current furore (July 2018) it is important that Christians are not swayed by media but interrogate it; check the facts. The IHRA definition is flawed and the recent legal opinion also. (check my blog if you want details)