Shared stories, Councillor Chika Amadi 'why i Showed Up'

-5YsMYBJ.jpgChristians on the Left Executive member Heather Staff asks Councillor and CotL member Chika Amadi why she 'Showed Up'

What was it like to become a councillor and why did you do it?

When I became a Councillor, it was unusual and new to the Pentecostal circle for ministers of the Gospel to be openly and directly involved with politics. While my non-believing friends were welcoming of my political path I was also seen as a conformist and received cold shoulders from some people. However, this became a task I took up with relish, as I noticed that a lot of Christians were praying for change in the political platform, felt frustrated by the day yet didn’t participate or get involved. The majority were praying and at the same time murmuring: but scripture teaches us this, ‘Do all things without murmurings and disrupting’. Philippians 2:14 KVJ

I took it upon myself to address this anomaly through teaching, at conferences and through social media. I looked at examples around in the Bible of people who served in government and held public offices: Like Moses, Miriam, Deborah, Esther, Daniel, Nehemiah etc

I believe strongly that to impact on our community we need people who are still Kingdom minded as well as loving their communities.

Together with some Christian officers in my local council, I have brought the Gospel to the council chamber during our Carol services and other meetings, where we freely talk about Jesus and his teachings. I do not take credit but Jesus should, I seek to listen and act and hope that during the process God is glorified.

What has given you most satisfaction as a councillor?

Prior to being elected, the ward I represent was described as a deprived or forgotten area. Together with my two colleagues the ward is now at the front of thriving areas as we campaigned for better cleaning, better police patrol against the background of burglaries and anti-social behaviour among a few. To have been part of bringing this change and helping make lives better gives me great joy.

Would you encourage people to stand for political office?

Yes, please do, it’s so important to show up and get involved not just murmur and complain.  

To find out more about why we should show up have a look at

Councillor Chika Amadi has been Labour Councillor for the Edgware ward of Harrow since 2014 and is on the CotL political mentor scheme. 

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