Rediscovering Relationships

Check out our new microsermon from Christians on the Left and rediscover relationships in all spheres of life...

Putting real heart at the heart of our politics has long been a passion of our members. Click here to read some thoughts from our Director Andy Flannagan about why politics is really all about relationships [external link to Christian Today].

It Starts with Vision: click here to download a resource on relationships, vision and connection, produced in 2012 when our title was the Christian Socialist Movement. We think it's just as relevant today!

Relational Thinking: Our friends over at the Relational Thinking Network are also passionate about connecting people to enable meaningful and long-term change. They produce research and create real-life, practical applications to turn relationship theory into practice in a whole variety of ways including relational analytics, European policy, cross-cultural influence, relational peacebuilding, relational education and relational companies.

Transforming Capitalism: A particularly interesting piece of research from Relational Thinking is on transforming capitalism: see the two downloads on the right of this page. There is also a lot more good content on the Relational Research website, so please do head over to find out more about their work.

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