Reflections for the General Election 2019

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If you only have 2 minutes, meet Hazel below, then select one of the her topical posts and take 1 minute to read the bible verses. Then jump on to our prayer pointers at the bottom of the post and choose one to keep in mind throughout the day.


If you only have 5 minutes... meet Hazel (she really is lovely) then read her 2-minute reflection (which has been lovingly prepared to help get you thinking) and then take 2 minutes to pray over the prayer pointers.

And if you only have 10 minutes, meet Hazel below, then read her 2-minute reflection (which has been lovingly prepared to help get you thinking), reflect on the message including the verses and prayer pointers, before heading over to our website to see our map of the UK and pray peace for our candidates list too.

If you've got more than 10 minutes, pop the kettle on too! Take a minute to speak to God about each of the points and how He might want you to pray.

Then ask Him who he wants you to speak to today. Scary stuff perhaps! Live boldly with His faith in you.

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Meet Hazel...

Having written a Prayer Diary for Christians on the Left in 2017 (which really doesn't seem that long ago...) it felt right to ask Hazel if she would be kind enough to take some time to write with a fresh perspective for the General Election in 2019. Hazel has written us a thoughtful entry with pointers for prayer, for every day between now and the results on December 13th.

We all treat our faith and spirituality differently, so if this isn't your usual thing, why not give it a go?

Hazel used to work in Social Security, when it was called that, and as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language.  She spent a year with Operation Mobilisation Europe and two years at Bible college.  She believes we need to pray for this vital election because only God can change hearts and minds.

Hazel Palmer with Campaigners in York

-- Hazel out with Campaigners in York, second from right.

Now go choose one of Hazel's topical posts from each day of the General Election Campaign.

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