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We continue to fight for and promote a better, kinder politics: one where we can have respectful conversations with those we disagree with. We continue to fight for and promote a united Labour Party and we continue to fight for and promote a Labour Government that will invest rather than withdraw, ending austerity and working in the best interests of our entire nation.

Media Statement:

"Christians on the Left is saddened by the departure of seven MPs from the Labour Party today.

Our message has always been that Labour Party members should find ways of working well together. We will not always agree, but where we do disagree we should disagree well, respecting each other and not rushing to condemnation. We have found that this is a message that has resonated with Labour Party members up and down the country.

In this spirit, we should not rush to condemn those MPs who have left because that will increase the rancour in politics which is already at too high a level. Instead, those of us in the Labour Party must further our efforts to ensure our Party is open and welcoming, and united on our political values and ambition for a Labour government.

Christians on the Left’s membership includes people from all parts of the Labour Party. Together we are united in working for social justice, cooperation, unity, peace, and reconciliation. If we can work well together, we can achieve much together as we campaign for a better future for our country."


Louise Davies, Director

Jonathan Reynolds, Chair

Stephen Beer, Political Communications Officer

Daniel May-Miller, Communications Manager

Christians on the Left




Stephen Beer, Political Communications Officer


Our Director is Louise Davies and our Chair is Jonathan Reynolds MP.

Our Vice-Chairs are Hannah Rich and Shona Elliott.

Christians on the Left has a membership of over 2500 including 35 Labour MPs, Labour Peers, Councillors and political activists & campaigners across the country. We are a broad church, like the Labour Party, and include Christians from a variety of backgrounds, denominations and across the political left. 


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