The Labour Party


The Labour Party

‘The worker deserves his wages.’ Lk 10:7.


The Labour Party came into being to give working men – and then women – representation in Parliament for the first time. Since then, society has changed greatly, but many of the same basic issues remain. Especially with regard to the neoliberalism of the last nearly forty years, Labour has had to fight many battles against the Conservatives and sadly amongst its own members.

When it was founded, both socialists and more liberal/centre-left supporters were allowed to join. Over the years, we have nonetheless cohered, sometimes better than others.

However, in a little more than a hundred years, the Labour Party has achieved great reforms. What would society be like if it had not existed? The NHS? The Minimum Wage? Employee protections? There can never be too many activists. It's everyone's job to talk to others about why they should get involved and vote. And we can present some compelling arguments about what and who to vote for!


‘My work has consisted of trying to stir up divine discontent with wrong.’ Keir Hardie (1856-1915).

Thank God for the Labour Party; pray we will not lose sight of the vision for ‘divine discontent with wrong.’

Bring to God Jeremy Corbyn as party leader. Pray that his team would hear God's voice in unexpected ways. Ask that voters will start to see that press vilification is sometimes just that. Pray for the rest of the Shadow Cabinet and all Labour candidates, of whom 51 are CotL members! Praise God for this.

Amongst them, pray especially for Gillian Troughton, contesting Copeland for the second time in less than 4 months. Remember CotL itself and the office team: Andy, Daniel, Heather, John, Matthew and others. Remember the Officers, Executive and Regional/Nation Representatives.

Pray for Welsh and Scottish Labour and about how perceptions of them interact with those of Labour in England. In general, pray for all Labour councillors, office staff and activists and for even more members to become active in this election.

Ask for wisdom in dealing with lack of party unity. Pray for Labour members you don’t agree with. And pray that we can all #DisagreeWell.

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