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Welcome to our prayer resources page!

The power of prayer is a cornerstone of Christians on the Left

Why not organise a meeting local to you? Ideas on prayers for you to use at your meeting can be found below. Do let us know if you are organising a prayer meeting, it would be wonderful to have a sense of who is praying where. 

We’d also love to hear from you if you have a prayer or reflection that you'd like to share, simply contact the office.

- Prayer Ideas

- Prayers and Readings

- Further Written Prayers

- Prayer for the Balkans March 2017

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commented 2017-06-12 06:17:55 +0100 · Flag
Similarly to Celeste Fitt, I also was recently very pleased to discover this site and would like to add a “ditto” here to everything else that Celeste has written here. A special thank you Hazel for the reassuring prayers and readings you published during the election week.
commented 2017-06-05 14:56:24 +0100 · Flag
I a’m really thrilled to have discovered ‘Christians on the Left’, with its powerful message of the evident and clear connection between Christian teaching and the socialist position.
I was really impressed by Hazel’s prayers and found the readings she had chosen completely backed up the link between the teachings of the Gospel and of Jesus Christ. How can we possibly be Christian without our socialist principles of justice and fairness for all.
We were all created equal by God, and I firmly believe that each of us is born with the same potential and capacity, but environmental factors such as underfunded education can tend to shape people in the wrong direction and they are rather neglected in such large classes.
I appreciate the opportunity to join the site very much and look forward to contributing. Thank you!