For All in the UK


For All in the UK

‘So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he

created them … ‘ Genesis 1:27 (NLT)


‘He rules for ever by his power, his eyes watch the nations …’ Psalm 66:7a

After yesterday’s focus on God, we want to seek his will for all the people in the nations of the UK. He is concerned about everyone: old and young, women and men, poor and rich, black and white, born abroad and here, marginalised and mainstream, non-voting and voting and many other contrasting attributes.

We will be looking at specific vulnerable groups next week. For now, let’s open our minds to God and ask him what his heart is for this country as a whole.

What should our relationships with one another, including political and economic ones, be like?

IN PRAYER: Ask God to reveal his will for this country; may his ‘upside-down’ kingdom come. Pray against apathy and lack of knowledge or misunderstanding of the various parties’ policies. Ask that people may have open minds about whose policies would benefit them, their communities and all of society. May God help us see our own worth, the worth of others and our relationship with them and act and vote accordingly.

Pray for the leaders of all our political parties and all who lead and work on their campaigns.

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