Christians on the Left have a lot of members who are greatly interested in creating policy and influencing the wider political agenda.

Over the years, we've written about vulture funds, financial transaction taxes, the living wage and many other issues. We work hard to create debate and discussion around our policy but are unafraid to speak truth to power when necessary.

Here you can join in the discussions around where CotL's policy should take us and where the wider Church community should be going.

In recent times, we've produced some excellent documents and resources to help people think about where Christians on the Left is coming from and where we should be going.

vision.pngOne of our most popular documents is a pamphlet written by Tim Stacey. It is called 'It Starts With Vision'.

Our movement has a long history and complex origins. Many people have spent time recording that history and those origins, but few people have written about how CotL can take those deep roots and make them relevant in the 21st Century.

Both CotL's Director, Andy Flannagan, and our Chair, Stephen Timms MP, talk frequently about Christians on the Left being a place where policy meets lifestyle, and how important having a vision is to doing that.

We were delighted when Tim, who is not a member of our movement, chose to write the pamphlet after spending some time with us at our offices and joining us as we went out into our chosen mission-field.

In the pamphlet, which you can find by clicking here, Tim writes superbly about why that vision is important and what people and political parties need to do to make sure it continues to happen.

LN2.pngLabour Neighbours

A long term policy of ours has been to persuade the wider Labour movement that we need to change the way we 'do' meetings.

If we want to mobilise that generation of potential activists to work on the left, then we need to move away from dusty committee rooms discussing Trotsky and be out in the world making a difference and living what we believe.

That's why we produced the Labour Neighbours programme, designed to encourage just that sort of thought. Here is a toolkit that you can download and use to move to that model of action in your communities.



We are also in the middle of creating brand new policy documents to feed into Labour's Your Britain process. We'd love you to get involved. To whet your appetite, you can find an introduction to our initial parallel policy process here. Look out for our policy blog which will be coming soon!


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