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To promote our #patriotspaytax campaign, we have been asking people to suggest what they are proud that their taxes go to support. See some of their responses above.

You can tweet or Facebook your own response, and sign our petition here: #PatriotsPayTax

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell endorses the campaign in his 2016 Conference speech

A selection of tweets featuring the #patriotspaytax hashtag:

@EtheridgeGraeme: "Just for the record, all my bank accounts & investments are on-shore, & those shores are British shores! I love my country!"

@Maylor: "You can't claim that you love your country whilst trying to avoid paying tax."

@chris_b_wba: "It is our duty as Christians to pay and not evade or avoid taxes."

@michelleglh: "Let's show we're all in it together by choosing to invest in our Nation."

@JennyJacobs13: "Proud to be able to contribute to my country."

@AndrewReverand: "I love my country so guess what? I pay my taxes!"

@k_cottrell: "The common good is something worth fighting for."

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn with our director, Andy Flannagan, to show his support for the campaign. "To ensure everyone gets health care & every child gets education!"

What we're proud Tax is spent on.

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