Stand up to Osborne’s “Sundays for the rich” - #oursunday

The Conservative leadership don’t seem to understand what the big problem is with the further liberalisation of Sunday Trading laws. There may be a very simple explanation for that. It might not be them or anyone else in their friendship groups who will be affected. It will be people on lower incomes who are already working very hard to hold families together having to sacrifice even more precious time with them. All the many arguments as to why this is a terrible idea are listed in our previous article here, but here is something significant you can do.

You can be part of the fight back with the #oursunday campaign. Simply tweet or Facebook us a picture of you holding a whiteboard/piece of card/fridge door(!) on which you have written how you spend your Sunday. Then include the hashtag #oursunday.

Here we are!


Other phrases you could include are..

 People are more than economic units

Don’t privatise Sunday

Don’t be bullied by the big stores

Retail therapy needs therapy

It’s not just money that makes the world go round

 Then include a link to this article which explains more to those who won’t have heard as yet…

For further reference – here is the link to the Keep Sunday Special website –  

It’s an impressive coalition of agencies such as USDAW (Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied workers), ACS (Association of Convenience Stores), NFRN (National Federation of Retail Newsagents), FWD (Federation of Wholesale Distributors), RSA (Rural Shops Alliance), NFSP (National Federation of SubPostmasters) and many Christian churches and agencies alongside other faith groups.

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