One Day Without Us

One Day Without Us imagines what the UK would actually be like for a single day without migrants? The impact would be disastrous with economy, food supply, health service, education system, transport system and much more being crippled.

We are calling a National Day Of Action on February 20th 2017 (also the UN day of social justice) as an act of solidarity with migrants living, working and studying in the UK and to highlight the immense contribution of migrants to the UK. 

We are moved to act by the rise in racist and xenophobic discourse that has followed the EU referendum, including from mainstream politicians and the national press, and the consequent rise in both verbal and physical attacks on migrants. 

Like the majority of the population of the UK, migrants seek to get on in life, earn a decent wage, raise families and live with dignity in peaceful communities. We all need: access to affordable accommodation; good quality public services; and to resist exploitative working conditions. Unity would serve us better in securing these objectives than the denunciation of newcomers and blaming them for the hardships that many feel in Britain today. 

We feel it’s time to celebrate the contributions of migrants, and to show that ‘we have more in common than that which divides us’. 
We ask everyone to join us in actions across the UK on the 20th of February to demonstrate our common desire for fairness and social justice. 


One Day Without Us

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