Christians on the Left announces nominations for Labour leader and deputy

The Officers of Christians on the Left met in January and decided to nominate candidates for the positions of Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. The Officers voted unanimously to ballot our entire membership to determine the nominees.

Members choose Keir Starmer for leader and Angela Rayner for deputy

CotL Officially Nominates Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner for next Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

Christians on the Left has nominated Keir Starmer to be the next Labour leader and Angela Rayner to be Labour's Deputy Leader.

Christians on the Left is affiliated to the Labour Party and it is one of the longest standing socialist societies linked to the Labour Party. Christian Socialism pre-dates the Labour Party and played an important role in its foundation. Christians on the Left counts Labour MPs, peers, and councillors amongst its members.

The Labour Party is choosing new leaders following the general election setback in December. At this stage of the process, organisations affiliated to the Party can nominate candidates. To progress to the next stage, when Labour members and supporters will vote, candidates need to pass a minimum nomination threshold.

Christians on the Left led the way amongst Labour Party affiliated organisations in balloting its members to decide who to nominate, rather than rely on a committee or selected people deciding centrally. All candidates were invited to write to members of Christians on the Left and their statements can be read here.

Turnout was 37% with 830 members voting.

Jonathan Reynolds MP, Chair of Christians on the Left, said:

"We wanted our members to be involved in this process, which is why we balloted them rather than decide centrally. Kier and Angela will make an excellent leader and deputy leader. The final decision will be up to Labour members and supporters, and Christians on the Left will support and encourage whoever is elected."

Louise Davies, Director of Christians on the Left, said:

"Many of our members are active in the Labour Party and want to see a Labour government implementing Labour policies. Nominating the leader and deputy leader is just one way we are involved. We need to rebuild relationships within the Party and between the Party and the country. Christians on the Left will be part of those conversations. We encourage Christians who support the Labour Party to join us to help make a difference."




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Addendum 11/02 12:30

Leadership nomination voting breakdownDeputy Leadership nomination voting breakdown

The ballot was conducted professionally and independently by Civica Electoral Services.



Stephen Beer, Political Communications Officer 0207 783 1590

Louise Davies, Director

Hannah Rich, Vice Chair

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