Director Andy Flannagan appointed to Downing Street OFSOC


Christians on the Left Director Andy Flannagan has been appointed by Prime Minister David Cameron as Director of Downing Street’s OFSOC (Office for Social Justice Responsibility). The new body will assess all government policies for their potential positive or negative impact on social justice. He will commence the role after the mid-session parliamentary recess on June 6th.

Flannagan said, “I am aware that this appointment may surprise some people bearing in mind I will be working for Number 10, but I spent much of last year calling on people to ‘show up’ in the not black and white world of politics, so it would be hypocritical to now not answer the call. When the Prime Minister asks it is difficult to say no.”

A spokesperson on behalf of the Christians on the Left executive said, “We are bitterly disappointed that Andy has chosen to throw his lot in with this Conservative government. We believe in the wake of the budget fiasco; this is yet another public relations attempt to deflect attention. As a Labour party member for many years, we would humbly question whether Andy’s sincere but misguided desire to help has undercut his loyalty and principles. We are however glad that the Government has finally recognised that its rhetoric and actions around social justice simply do not coincide.”

A source close to Downing Street confided that, “Andy cannot arrive a moment too soon. With IDS gone, most of us here wouldn't even know how to find a council estate, never mind live in one. Andy’s job will be to stop us making any more cock-ups like the bedroom tax or disability allowance cuts by keeping us in touch with real people who don’t live in Primrose Hill. We’ll be able to root out the bad ideas internally without the embarrassment of trying them out on the public first.”

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commented 2016-04-01 20:25:34 +0100 · Flag
I’m cheering Andy on – this speaks of boldness and integrity. Sometimes we find ourselves with an open door into situations where we can make a significant difference, even if it is in a place where we wouldn’t usually be. A great opportunity to be a shining light. I’d rather Andy be on the inside able to make a considerable difference than on the outside merely commenting. Keep going Andy!
commented 2016-04-01 18:05:17 +0100 · Flag
Andy Flannigan is a man of immense personal integrity and with a huge capacity for doing great work. This is no limp wristed PR stunt. Rather it has all of the hallmarks of being a deeply considered intelligent decision. IDS may be gone, but Stephen Cave and now Andy Flannigan are now in place. Somebody somewhere has made an exceptional appointment. I for one will be cheering him on.
commented 2016-04-01 15:50:20 +0100 · Flag
I’m not sure I’m going to be able to face coming to work knowing that Andy is rubbing shoulders with Dave every other day.