My Political Journey

Prior to being saved I was involved with socialist politics.  At the age of 20 I got involved in the Socialist Workers Party, I was a part time student and in the mid 1980’s students were very politicised and I had plenty of time to get very involved in the party  including having leading roles within the organisation.

Career progression and relationship breakdown put an end to my involvement and then coming to know Christ my whole outlook on political issues had a change of perspective but still with a heart for the poor and in particular those that are not able to speak for themselves.

For a period of time I couldn’t see how I could be both a Christian and political at the same time, however the bible is very clear about God’s heart for poor and injustice and I believe that God wants us to speak out for what is right

Over the past few years when we are seeing more and more cuts and reduction of living standards for poor people added to the way in which the media has started to attack poor people and how they spend their money, I felt that I wanted to be part of organised opposition and so joined Christians on the left. 

I believe that God is calling us, his body, to stand in the gap to serve the poor and to begin to provide services that no longer have funding, and also to be a voice for him in praying for those in authority but also by speaking out about our beliefs and to stand alongside those who are in need.

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@prior to being saved
What makes you think you have been saved? And more critically, given that many of your new found comrades will be Jews, Moslems and Atheists who most certainly do not accept Jesus as their saviour, what do you consider to be the fate of those who are not saved?

@ . . . the bible(sic) is very clear about God’s heart for poor and injustice
Deuteronomy[20:16] But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth:
Well that’s pretty clear . . .

@i believe that God wants us to speak out for what is right
. . . and it sounds a lot like genocide to me!

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In church recently I met someone who runs a food bank. He talked to me about how his service helped people from many different backgrounds who have become stuck in a poverty trap. Some need short term support to get them through a difficult period, while others are permanently stuck. I was struck by the commitment of this gentleman to help others and of his conviction that our society should not be organised this way.

It is a familiar story to any churchgoer. Churches across the country contain many similarly motivated people. They are driven by their Christian conviction that all are created equally and that everyone therefore has equal worth. Working in food banks, helping the homeless, giving shelter to refugees, fighting famine and poverty abroad, and in many other ways, church members are working for the most disadvantaged in society. Moreover, with at least one church in every town and village, this work is happening and being supported across the country.

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