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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Macro and Micro – What we believe and what we can do about it


For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Luke 12:34)


At CSM, we know it’s difficult to feel like you’re truly living what you believe in. We have put this together to show you ways that you can practice what you preach. The Macro section refers to the big picture policy ideas that we believe, and the Micro shows you what you and your church can do.




Macro – Shareholder Responsibility

We at CSM are calling for shareholders to take responsibility for their investments rather than simply seeing them as a profit making activity.

Micro – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

It’s never been easier to move your (and your churches’) money to a more ethical bank. Find out more via the CSM ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ campaign website or from


Macro - Financial Transaction Tax

CSM is backing a small tax on either the sale or purchase of certain financial classes, including equities, bonds, foreign exchange and their derivatives with a proposed tax rate of around 0.05%.

Micro – Credit Unions

Joining, or even creating, a credit union is easy and gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re supporting your local community. Search to get information about your local union, or go to the Association of Credit Unions Limited website to find out how to set up your own.


Macro – Banking Divide

CSM is advocating full legal separation of the banks in order to combat ‘casino’ banking.

Micro – Stamp Out Excessive Gambling

Betting shops have sprung up on every high street, sometimes outnumbering post-offices, bookshops and grocers. is a campaign against gambling shops, arguing that local communities should have the power to restrict the opening of these shops.  


Macro – Credit Creation

CSM believes that lending must be responsible and champions the re-regulation of credit creation through strict controls over lending.

Micro – Cap on Interest Rates for Lenders

Legal Loan sharks can charge up to 2500% interest rates on their loans, crippling the borrower and beginning a cycle of debt and poverty. Look to to join their campaign to get rid of legal loan sharks or to the work of MP Stella Creasy.


Macro – Global Responsibility

CSM believes that the world community must act as one in order to facilitate real change and that we need a new Bretton Woods to oversee international organisations and co operations.

Micro – Debt Advice Initiatives

Managing money and debt can be simple. has a whole section on how you and your church can help those struggling, as does, who run courses and set up community debt advice centres.


Macro – Salary Ratios

CSM champions the initiative to reduce the maximum pay scale to 20:1 in order to address the unfair pay differences between those at the bottom, and those at the top.

Micro – Living Wage Campaigning

The living wage is a fair rate of pay based on the basic cost of living in the UK. Find out more by visiting and get resources for campaigning local employers to set a fair rate of pay.

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