Jeremy Corbyn seeks longer conversation with Christians on the Left







 Jeremy Corbyn greeted by Andy Flannagan (Director) & Stephen Beer (Political Communications Officer) outside One Church Brighton

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has committed to an ongoing dialogue with Christians on the Left.

At the Labour Party conference church service, Jeremy Corbyn said that we would welcome a longer conversation about common issues of concern. The church service, held at One Church Brighton on Sunday 27 September, was structured around the theme of climate change, and included participation from Tear Fund, Christian Aid, and CAFOD.

The newly-elected Labour leader received applause when he said it had been right for BBC to screen Songs of Praise from the camp at Calais.

Stephen Beer, Political Communications Officer, said "We are looking forward to working with Jeremy and his team. There are many campaign issues we have in common. For example, we have campaigned to separate banks, against rising personal debt and payday lending, for a Robin Hood Tax, and against poverty and social injustice at home and around the world. We have also been heralding the new politics for some time, acting a bridge between Christian social activists and political involvement through the Labour Party."


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