Open Doors - Live like a refugee

bf5e8067f0d0e2c30b6200222b59e87938a8a8d4.jpgAs thoughts turn to Christmas and media stories move on, we thought it would be good to share a great resource from Open Doors UK regarding refugees and a article looking at Syrian refugees in Lebanon. 

Open Doors have produced a resource called 'Live Like a Refugee' which introduces the topic, helps people to pray into the situation and encourages people to take action to better understand life as a refugee (as much as it’s possible for us to!).

Could you survive on a refugee’s rations? Can you live out of a suitcase? Would you be able to sleep in a tent or on a church hall floor? Could you live like a refugee? It can be ordered for free from their website here

They also have a great report from one of Open Doors local partners who visited Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The article can be found on the their website here 



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