Leadership candidates in dialogue with COTL/Yvette Cooper

Christians on the Left put the following questions to the Leadership and Deputy Leadership candidates. 

  • What role do the candidates see churches and people of other faiths
    playing in the future of the Labour Party?
  • In line with our campaign would you support full legal separation of
    ‘casino’ investment banking and retail banking?

We appreciate the candidates taking the time to respond and their responses are uploaded in the order we have received them. 

Yvette Cooper (leadership candidate) @YvetteCooperMP

I believe that freedom of religion and belief is extremely important. The Labour Party welcomes those of all faiths and those without. All Labour meetings should be inclusive of people of all backgrounds.

Labour can learn from the church about the way the church creates community spirit and unites people of different backgrounds. Both labour and the church can learn from each other better ways to engage the youth. Politics affects the lives of young people just as much as everyone else. From the impact of tuition fees and high levels of youth unemployment, to passions about the environment or international affairs, young people have strong views and concerns and it is important we listen and respond. We simply cannot win back the trust of the British people and get into Government, without bringing young people along with us.

I am continually impressed with the vital work the church and other faith and community groups are doing to help those in need, such as providing food banks and campaigning for Britain to help more refugees.

“In line with our campaign would you support full legal separation of ‘casino’ investment banking and retail banking?”

I welcome the campaign that Christians on the left has been running on the issue of damaging speculation in the markets.
We have seen too many instances of morally wrong actions of people playing fast and loose with other people’s money. Speculation that does not see real investment reach the economy can damage the British economy. The church has always played an important role in highlighting such issues and I welcome the role that they and other faith and non-faith groups play in campaigning on issues of such concern.

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