Leadership candidates in dialogue with COTL/Liz Kendall

Christians on the Left put the following questions to the Leadership and Deputy Leadership candidates. 

  • What role do the candidates see churches and people of other faiths
    playing in the future of the Labour Party?
  • In line with our campaign would you support full legal separation of
    ‘casino’ investment banking and retail banking?

We appreciate the candidates taking the time to respond and their responses are uploaded in the order we have received them. 

Liz Kendall (leadership candidate) @Lizforleader

As you yourselves have said before, the Labour Party’s history is rooted more in “Methodism than Marx”, and people of faith have played a crucial role in our party throughout its history. I’m proud to have the backing of Christians on the Left Chair Stephen Timms in this contest.

One of the greatest issues in British politics in the years ahead will be where power lies in society. I’ve argued throughout this contest that far more power needs to lie in our communities. Decisions taken at a local level are often the best way to secure the best outcomes – Churches, Mosques, Gurdwaras, Synagogues and other places of worship would all have a role to play in those decisions.

Churches, alongside other places of worship, play a vital role in their local communities, and the Labour Party must embrace that and work with them.

In line with our campaign would you support full legal separation of ‘casino’ investment banking and retail banking?

Christians on the Left have rightly raised concerns about this – and it’s definitely something that the next Labour leader will have to return to over the coming Parliament.

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Liz did not answer the second question.