Leadership Candidates in dialogue with COTL/Ben Bradshaw

Christians on the Left put the following questions to the Leadership and Deputy Leadership candidates. 

  • What role do the candidates see churches and people of other faiths
    playing in the future of the Labour Party?
  • In line with our campaign would you support full legal separation of
    ‘casino’ investment banking and retail banking?

We appreciate the candidates taking the time to respond and their responses are uploaded in the order we have received them. 

Ben Bradshaw  (deputy leadership candidate) @BenPBradshaw

I came to the Labour Party partly through my Christian faith and am a life long member of Christians on the Left (formerly the Christian Socialist Movement). Churches and faith groups play a key role in most communities. In my own city, they run the food bank, youth clubs, services for the homeless and many other services as well as campaigning on important issues ranging from climate change and the environment generally, poverty, international development and conflict reduction. Labour shares many of these causes and values and I think we could do much more as a Party to work with and mutually support the excellent work the churches and faith groups do. I feel this has been neglected in recent years. We should have a more open and inclusive approach to churches and faith groups locally and nationally. This would be mutually beneficial as we would find many people involved in their local church or faith group would find a natural political home in our Party.

I also support full legal separation of 'casino' investment banking and retail banking. 


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