Labour Party Affiliation

Labour_Party_Logo.pngChristians on the Left
is affiliated to the Labour Party and engages with the party at all levels. Members are active locally in their CLPs (Constituency Labour Parties) and we send two delegates from Christians on the Left to the Labour Party’s Annual Conference each year.

At the Party’s invitation we organise the official Conference service and we also host fringe meetings and other events. We participate fully in the Party’s policy consultation process.

We currently have more than 40 members of Christians on the Left in the House of Lords and the House of Commons, including current Shadow Cabinet (and former Cabinet) members.

Many of our members are also members of other parties and even more are members of no party at all. They have found that CotL is an inclusive space where they can further their political passions and vocation in an atmosphere of fellowship and support. We try to practice disagreeing well!

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