Information on Labour Leadership Election

This update from our Secretary, Sam Brown, provides some guidance on the upcoming election rules.

Leadership Election

The Labour National Executive Committee (NEC) has announced that there will be an election of the Leader of the Labour Party to be announced on 24 September 2016. The NEC have also issued a number of rules surrounding who is eligible to vote. We hope that the guidance below provides clarity to members of Christians on the Left who wish to vote.

The NEC has announced that Tuesday 12 January 2016 is the last date to have joined the Labour Party or an affiliated organisation (including Christians on the Left) in order to vote in the leadership election. 

  • Anyone who was a Labour Party member or member of Christians on the Left before or on Tuesday 12 January 2016 is entitled to vote in the leadership election. Do contact the CotL office if you need to confirm when your membership commenced.
  • If you are a Labour Party member who is eligible to vote according to the conditions set above you will receive an email outlining how you will be able to vote.
  • If you are solely a member of Christians on the Left and are eligible to vote according to the conditions set above you will have to sign up as an affiliated supporter to allow you to vote (similar to last year’s leadership election). You have until 12 noon on Monday 8 August 2016 to sign up as an affiliated supporter at to enable you to vote. 

If you signed up to the Labour Party and/or Christians on the Left after Tuesday 12 January 2016 and do not fulfil the conditions to vote:

  • You will be able to vote in the leadership election by signing up as a registered supporter. To become a registered supporter and have the right to vote you will need to pay a one-off payment of £25. You will have between 5pm on Monday 18 July and 5pm on Wednesday 20 July to become a registered supporter at

The rules set out by the NEC will affect all trade unions and affiliated societies. It is a compromise that sadly, yet inevitably does not please everyone. Many in our movement have expressed their displeasure. We have done our best to negotiate the right deal for our members in the midst of what everyone hopefully recognizes is a very challenging context.

Keeping our eyes on the big picture, we are so encouraged at the number of people who have increased their engagement with politics, and joined us only recently. Thank you. Your presence with us is already making a difference through new expertise, articles, connections and financial support. I cannot overstate how much the encouragement of your arrival is giving energy to the core team and all our members. Whatever the outcome of this leadership election, thank you for joining us for the long haul of seeing his kingdom come and his will be done in politics. The yeast will work through the dough!

Further information about the Labour Leadership Election can be found here:


In amidst the activity and noise surrounding UK politics, we remain watchful and thankful. Continued prayers for our communities, our party and our nation need to be sought as together we play our roles in demonstrating God’s kingdom here on earth.

Sam Brown

- CotL Secretary

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