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Plans to overhaul Sunday trading laws in England and Wales have been dropped after they were rejected by MPs.

Leading the charge were a coalition of unions, small shop associations, the Church of England and Christians on the Left.

A huge thanks and congratulations to all those who spoke up and stepped out and to the MPs who listened to the concerns of their constituents before the vote.

In a brilliant result for Christians on the Left, whose members have been campaigning for many years to continue to allow families and communities time together, the Commons opposed proposals to allow councils to extend opening hours by 317 votes to 286, as 27 Tories rebelled and the SNP made a last minute decision to oppose the measures.

#Keep Sunday Special

"Keep Sunday Special are delighted that the government's ill-considered measures which would have harmed families, communities and businesses have been rejected by parliament following a campaign that brought together churches, retailers and unions. It is clear that people value with a different character and we will continue to promote the value and benefits of shared time for family and community activities.
Keep Sunday Special were deeply concerned by the approach of the government which sought to avoid scrutiny and debate - highlighted by the fact that the full impact assessment including the family test and analysis of the economic impact were only published on the morning of the debate, despite the evidence having been submitted to a consultation process that closed in September. Many MPs expressed their concerns about this during the debate and we sincerely hope the government will not act in such a way again.
The government failed to make a convincing economic case for deregulating Sunday trading and we hope the government will now focus on the measures it has already identified to save the high street."
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