Just War Event Review

Over a hundred people attended our recent event in Durham, listening to a thought-provoking debate on "Just War" in the 21st century, the renewal of Trident and military intervention. We were delighted to host a panel discussion chaired by Roberta Blackman Woods, between Helen Goodman MP, Kevan Jones MP, Professor Robert Song and Rev. Chris Howson. All of the panelists brought interesting and challenging contributions on the role of faith in the political discussion of conflict and peace.

A fantastic and successful event, we hope you enjoy some of the content produced by our members around the event:

You can listen to the whole debate here on soundcloud.

The panelists shared some of their thoughts after the event here on youtube.

‘No future for Trident’ – David Smith, our Northern regional rep and one of the organisers, wrote this blog, summing up his thoughts about Trident renewal and nuclear power:


Another CotL member, Tom Bray, was inspired to write the following piece after the event, imagining what Jesus’s foreign policy might look like if he were a modern-day MP:






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