Jubilee Debt Campaign LogoJuly 2020: An update from our friends at the Jubilee Debt Campaign

In April Christians on the Left joined over 250 other civil society organisations in signing a statement calling for debt cancellation to help countries in the global south respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of pressure from civil society and a huge public outcry, we were able to secure a commitment of up to $12 billion worth of debt service suspension from the G20. This is excellent, but doesn’t go nearly far enough.

The G20 offer was just a postponement, and what is needed is permanent debt payments cancellation. Private banks and hedge funds, some of the world's richest lenders are yet to commit to suspending or cancelling any debt, and the World Bank has yet to offer any debt cancellation. And a good number of global South countries were left out of the initiative. We have to keep up the pressure and call for debt cancellation from all creditors and for all those countries in need.

There are two more key moments this year where we could see commitments, and where it is important to build up the pressure. The first is 18th-19th July – the G20 Finance Ministers are meeting to decide how to respond to the crisis, it is crucial they hear the message that more debt cancellation is needed. The second is between September and October, at the UN General Assembly and the Annual meetings of the World Bank and IMF.

Building on the global petitions launched in April we are close to having 1 million petition signatories. Can you help us get to 1 million ahead of the G20 by sharing the petitions on social media? We are then going to give these to Finance Ministers in online meetings just ahead of the G20.


To find out a bit more about Covid-19 and the debt crisis, here's the excellent easy-to-read information pack from the Jubilee Debt Campaign:



1. Help us get to 1 million petition signatures for debt cancellation 

Avaaz, ONE and Oxfam have launched global petitions calling for debt relief, almost 800,000 people have signed these petitions. If we can get to 1 million it will send a powerful message. 

Please share these petitions via whatsapp, email and other forms of social media now. 


Global petitions

These petitions are global and can be shared in any country. 


Petitions aimed at UK targets

If you are in the UK you can also share and build these petitions. 


2. Day of action on social media 17th July 

Please take action on social media and tweet at Rishi Sunak just ahead of the G20 meeting. This will help make  a global noise just ahead of the G20 Finance Ministers meeting.

I'm calling on @RishiSunak to #CancelTheDebt  at the #G20 Finance Ministers meeting this week, which  could free up billions to help developing countries fight #coronavirus  #DropDebtSaveLives RT

Finance Ministers of the world's richest countries are meeting this week to discuss how to respond to  #Covid19. 64 countries spend more on debt than healthcare. I’m calling on @RishiSunak to #CancelTheDebt #dropdebtsavelives #G20

Over 800,000 people have signed a global petition calling for govts to #CancelTheDebt. @RishiSunak will you make sure we put saving lives before paying unfair debt? #JustRecovery #G20


3. Write to your government calling for debt cancellation


Can you write to the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak and to Boris Johnson, or to your MP to push for debt cancellation? We will also be campaigning in the run up to the Autumn meetings so this is a good opportunity to build up the pressure before the.


4. Join the Just Recovery campaign and call for debt cancellation 



350.org are coordinating a campaign calling for a Just Recovery in response to the pandemic and debt cancellation is a key part of this. 

You can find their online campaign guide here: https://350.org/g20-online-action-and-arts-guide/ and you can support the campaign by using the #JustRecovery.


Thanks to everyone at Christians on the Left for reading the Jubilee Debt Campaign Coronavirus update and for standing together with us.


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