Jeremy Corbyn says politics can learn from faith

Speaking at the Labour Party's conference church service today, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told worshippers that politics had much to learn from faith groups. "Bringing faith communities together is important," he argued, "and we need to draw political lessons from this.












The Labour Party conference church service is always held on the first day of the conference. This year the service was held at St James in the City, in Liverpool.

Preacher Malcolm Duncan, chair of Spring Harvest, spoke of how everyone is affected when people are persecuted and he highlighted the “waste of human talent” represented by refugees unable to live fulfilled lives. Worshippers heard from Open Doors and Release International.

Jeremy Corbyn echoed the theme in his speech, talking about how lack of opportunities wasted talent to the detriment of all, arguing “Social justice should not be seen as a threat to anybody but as an opportunity for everybody.”


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