Jeremy Corbyn declares support for our Sunday campaign

Jeremy Corbyn, the newly elected Labour leader, has announced his support for the campaign to change Sunday trading laws. At the Labour Party's church service, he wrote about his ideal Sunday, part of a campaign organised by Christians on the Left. Mr Corbyn wrote: "My ideal Sunday is a day of reflection and rest - everybody deserves that!"

Mr Corbyn received a warm welcome at the church service at One Church Brighton, which was attended by Labour Party conference delegates and local worshippers. He spoke about the importance of understanding faith and engaging with faith groups. Members of the congregation applauded when he spoke in support of refugees and the decision by BBC's Songs of Praise to broadcast from Calais.

The newly elected leader said he wanted to have a longer conversation with Christian groups on common campaign areas. He supported campaigning by groups such as Tear Fund, Christian Aid, and CAFOD, against climate change, which was the theme of the service. Some members and MPs joined a vigil on the beach after the service to reflect on the impact of climate change on the world's poor.

The church service, organised by Christians on the Left, marked the beginning of a busy conference week for Labour Party delegates at a time when the Party has seen a significant increase in its membership. Christians on the Left, the organisation for Christians in the Labour Partyalso ran a number of events at the conference.

These included:
A prayer breakfast to reflect on the persecuted church, especially in the Middle East
A seminar onf welfare and justice
A seminar entitled "What should Labour say about immigration?"


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In church recently I met someone who runs a food bank. He talked to me about how his service helped people from many different backgrounds who have become stuck in a poverty trap. Some need short term support to get them through a difficult period, while others are permanently stuck. I was struck by the commitment of this gentleman to help others and of his conviction that our society should not be organised this way.

It is a familiar story to any churchgoer. Churches across the country contain many similarly motivated people. They are driven by their Christian conviction that all are created equally and that everyone therefore has equal worth. Working in food banks, helping the homeless, giving shelter to refugees, fighting famine and poverty abroad, and in many other ways, church members are working for the most disadvantaged in society. Moreover, with at least one church in every town and village, this work is happening and being supported across the country.

This years conference is the second Labour conference I have been to and the first where I have been there as part of Christians on the Left...

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell today praised the campaign organised by Christians on the Left to support paying tax.

Mr McDonnell congratulated Christians on the Left and its chair, Jonathan Reynolds MP, for our campaign slogan  :

"It’s a great slogan. Patriots should pay their taxes. Labour are already setting the pace on tackling tax avoidance and tax evasion."

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