Gillian Troughton

Gillian TroughtonSo, Copeland is my home constituency where I am the Constituency Labour Party (CLP) Secretary. I am also a Copeland Borough Councillor (elected 2011) and Cumbria County Councillor (2015). I was portfolio holder for Finance and Resources on the Copeland Executive until 2015.

I am a key Labour campaigner in Copeland and many will know me from that; I was the campaign co-ordinator for the EU Referendum and second in command for most elections here for the past 4 or 5 years. I'm always out on the doorstep and have organised several street stalls.

The Labour campaign is focusing on the NHS  in particular threats to services at the West Cumberland Hospital. Our next nearest hospital is nearly 40 miles away and takes over 45 minutes even on a blue light run. I am a qualified doctor (orthopaedics was my speciality) and now volunteer with St John Ambulance as blue-light trained ambulance crew. I've a track record of campaigning for health services and am involved with various health committees as a councillor.

The Conservative campaign is focusing on Jeremy Corbyn's stance on nuclear power ie he has previously stated he is against it. Copeland has the Sellafield site (which is about decommissioning nuclear waste) and is also hoping to have new build reactors in the very near future. The industry is vital for this area in terms of the economy. Labour policy remains to support a low carbon economy with nuclear an essential part. (You can hear me talking about this on the BBC's Today programme aired 12/01/17 about 2:45 in.) As an aside my husband works for a company working in the supply chain.

Other key bits of biography:

I am on the Carlisle Diocesan Boards of Finance and Education, and am currently Calder Deanery Secretary and of course being involved in my own church, St Bridget's. I am a befriender and CAP Money coach with Christian Against Poverty and a school governor. For may years I worked in Children's Services planning and implementing projects such as Children's Centres and Extended Schools (I took voluntary redundancy in 2011 the year I was elected). I was an active UNISON steward helping members through a range of processes.

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