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Charina in 2019International Justice Mission Logo - IJMCharina was 13 years old when she was first sold for sex. She grew up in poverty in the Philippines and, when her abusive mother forced her to start making money in this way, there was no one to protect her. She endured devastating sexual violence for years.

Exposure to everyday violence is a hidden difference between the world’s richest and poorest.

There are many obvious ways in which the lives of the wealthiest people in the world differ from the poorest, but one significant difference is often overlooked: the wealthy are safe, people in poverty are not.

Here's where we can join the fight.

Too often, the justice systems that should protect people are so under-resourced, under-trained or corrupt that they cannot or will not arrest criminals. The UN has estimated that 4 billion people live outside the protection of the law.

As a result, important development efforts can be undermined by violence.

The good news is that broken justice systems can be mended, so that police protect the poorest and criminals are convicted. At International Justice Mission, we’ve seen that the deterrent of being caught and punished leads to dramatic decreases in criminal violence.Exploitation in the Phillipines can be stopped. IJM fights for justice around the world, join us on Freedom Sunday.

We saw this theory proved a few years ago, when the Gates Foundation awarded IJM a grant to tackle one of the darkest forms of violence – child sex trafficking in Cebu, Philippines.

At the time, Cebu was a hub for foreign paedophiles. Studies estimated that the average time it took to leave a hotel and find a child who was being sold for sex was a mere 20 minutes.

IJM investigators worked to identify sex traffickers and partnered with the police, training them in best practice and assisting them in rescue operations. Lawyers walked cases through court, ensuring abusers were convicted, and our aftercare teams supported survivors.

It was on IJM’s first ever rescue operation with police in Cebu that we met Charina. 15 years old, pregnant, and struggling with addiction, Charina was one of two girls rescued that night. She is now a confident advocate for others.

Towards the end of this project a team of independent criminologists assessed its success. They found a 79% decrease in children sold for sex. Since then, we have partnered with Philippine authorities in Manila and Pampanga, seeing decreases of 75% and 86% in children sold in commercial sex establishments.

Houses in Cebu, Philippians.Today, police there are equipped to continue the fight without IJM. Our teams in Cebu have turned their focus onto ending a different dark crime: cybersex trafficking of children.

Lasting transformation is possible. We’ve seen it happen. Justice systems can protect the poorest. Violence can be stopped. And if the world is going to see the end of poverty, we must demand nothing less.

22nd September is Freedom Sunday, an IJM initiative to unite and mobilise the global church in ending modern slavery. The Christians on the Left Labour Party Conference Church service will take part on Freedom Sunday to highlight the urgent need to eradicate child trafficking around the world. Because everyone is born for freedom.

Join the fight: www.ijmuk.org



Freedom Sunday - Labour Party Conference Sunday Service 2019 with Baroness Maeve Sherlock and Jeremy Corbyn MP

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