Executive Committee Nominees Share Their Views

We have had an outstanding field of candidates nominated for the Executive Committee "Ordinary Member" Roles. We'd love all our members to get to know these folks a little better, so we invited them to write us a short piece for the website. What follows is a fascinating mix of subjects that reflects a little of the diversity we see amongst our membership today. I commend all of these members to you:- read, reflect, share and comment on their pieces. We look forward to the results of the election and I'm sure we'll be hearing from all of these fine folk soon.




Tom_Collins.jpgEquality, Sex Trafficking and the Elephant in the Room – Tom Collins

The stories, songs and poems of the bible are set in ancient cultures of strong gender imbalance. But when we look at Godʼs actions, time and time again He moves to radically subvert and challenge this condition. God is a dramatic feminist.


Andrew_Lawrence.jpgBack to school: a vision for education - Andrew Lawrence

Mental health, criminality, life expectancy and even political engagement are all linked to education. Name a deprivation, and chances are it boils down to educational inequality.


Stephanie_Franklin.jpgSomeone Like Jack - Stephanie Franklin

I didn’t think I’d be able to change anything: after all, I don’t have the knowledge or experience that others do. So, honestly, I didn’t try.


Njoki_Mahiaini.jpgOn anger and action - Njoki Mahiaini

A colleague once said to me that “anger could be a beautiful emotion”.  He was right.  There is such a thing as righteous anger. But how might we show anger, with true altruism today?


Steven_Saxby.jpgFaith in Labour - Steven Saxby

Having been a Christian Socialist since my teenage years, it now feels like the importance of 'Faith in Labour' is really back on the agenda.


Ed_Rennie.jpgThe Future of Chritian Socialism - Ed Rennie

The Labour movement remains far too disconnected from its working class roots, too often our approach is to do policy to and for people rather than to be with them and formed by them.


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commented 2016-03-24 20:38:23 +0000 · Flag
Despite being a Tory voter, I have always struggled with the notion that the C of E is the Tory party at prayer, it doesn’t sit well with my beliefs, so may I wish you the very best.