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For a non-partisan, neutral starting point, our sister organisation Christians in Politics have produced an excellent set of resources for the Church. Visit the EU Focus site for a host of tools to engage people in the EU debate.

Our first approach to every situation should be woven through with Prayer. The Church of England published this excellent, short prayer on Twitter which was picked up by BBC news

Our members and friends have produced many excellent, thought-provoking, discussion-starting articles and more. We highly recommend the Easy-to-Read Guides below as well as the additional articles and websites.EU UK

Christians on the Left have adopted an official stance:- we believe we are Stronger in Europe. 


Easy-to-Read Guides

10 Reasons to Remain [PDF] A bold, simple guide with a page on each major "In" argument - Seb Dance MEP.

What has the EU done for us? A series of bold, brilliant 2-page [PDF] guides to What has the EU done for our Farmers, our Economy, the Environment, our Industries, gender equality, our safety... and more - Catherine Stihler MEP.

The EU and You - Some plain talking, simple and bold posters from Labour EU.

What is the EU? - A great overview of what the EU is, and isn't, from the Guardian.


It's about Relationship, Isn't it?Heather Staff, Christians on the Left Executive Committee Member.

The Case to Remain - Pat Glass MP.

Future Prosperity and Strength - Mary Creagh MP An excellent piece on Britains future prosperity.

A Confederal Europe - Relational Research's report on the economic future of Europe

The EU, champions of religious freedom, an untold story - Johannes de Jong Director Christian Political Foundation for Europe

The Battle for the EU - Martin Holst, Christians on the Left Regional Rep.

I'm a Christian and I'm in - Sarah Dickson, Liberal Democrat Christian Forum.

Five reasons why Christians should consider voting remain on June 23 - Jeremy Moody writes in his personal capacity on the Christian case to remain. 

Why I'm voting to remain - Tim Wyatt writes for Threads on why he wants to remain 

How to Pray for the EUCrystal Cryer writes for 24/7 Prayer, offering some great ideas on how to pray:- Whatever your views.

Voting in a Post-Truth EraCharlie Parker, CotL member, writes for Christian Today.

Staying InMedia

RSI LA1 (Swiss/Italian national media) - Heather Staff, Christians on the Left Executive Committee Member talks EU and Christian engagement in politics. From about 15:13 in. Interview is in Italian  

UCB RADIO [10pm Sat 30th April, UCB1] - Heather Staff, Christians on the Left Executive Committee Member discusses the EU Referendum alongside David Scullion, Christian and UKIP Member.

Android / iPhone APPAndroid / iPhone App - Richard Corbett MEP has produced an excellent app, featuring articles, briefings and most interestingly:- myth-busting the latest headlines, as they happen.


Wolfgang Tillman: Artists Posters - These beautifully crafted posters have been created by artist Wolfgang Tillman to remind us to register to vote, and that "No man is an Island".

7 Reasons Staying in is good... - This short animation lays out 7 reasons why we should stay in the European Union ahead of the referendum.


Catherine Stihler MEP - Christians on the Left Member Catherine has an excellent website and has also produced her own Smartphone App with updates on the latest EU news.

Richard Corbett MEP - Richard has a fascinating and informative website and has also produced his own Smartphone App, see above.

Labour's Official Campaign Site:- Labour In for Britain

The Labour Movement for Europe's aim is improve and broaden the understanding of the European Union and its potential throughout the wider Labour movement and the United Kingdom.

Christians for Europe  - Christians for Europe is supported by individuals, politicians and church leaders from all political leanings and a wide variety of denominations. 

Britain Stronger in Europe - The official remain campaign

For Labour Party Members, the membersnet site has some great resources on workers rights from Deputy Leader Tom Watson MP.


As Christians, we don't always agree on everything. If you believed the media, any disagreement within a political party or amongst leaders is a "split" a "rift" or an angry, world-ending argument! In fact, we all get through life every day with people we don't agree with 100%. The Church is no different, in that we all have varying viewpoints, but we can be different in the way that we #disagreewell.

Here are some alternative viewpoints:

A Political Vacuum in EuropeCarl Harper, Christians on the Left Member and Labour Council Candidate for Eye, Thorney & Newborough

Christians for Britain - Revd Dr Giles Fraser and Dr Adrian Hilton chair the Christians for Britain campaign

A Christian case for Brexit - Dr Adrian Hilton puts across his perspective

Why i may vote Brexit - Madeleine Davies writes for threads 

There was once an indoor city market, full of different traders. Some of the stalls were wildly successful, others less so. The market was run by a committee: each stall got one vote, however much they earned.

It was decided that the market could be more than just a place for buying and selling, it could be a genuine community. Nearly everyone agreed that this was a good thing. So the committee started making rules to govern the community and soon there were no end of meetings arguing about which stall benefitted most from these changes. The big stalls claimed the small stalls always came off best, and the small stalls countered that if that was the case, why were they still small stalls? The owners of the big stalls looked down their noses as if to say, 'We know why your stall isn't succeeding, but we're too polite to say.' They didn't seem too keen to share their wisdom, or their success, so the committee found ways to make things a bit more equal through rent and rule changes.

One day, one of the bigger-than-average stalls made a surprising decision. 'This just isn't working for me any more,' said the stallholder. 'I only ever wanted a simple market, and you forced me to go along with all these rules. You lot have ruined it. I just about tolerated it when you said I had to employ the children of other stallholders - turns out they were rather talented. But now you want to let the local homeless people sleep in here, I don't understand what that's got to do with shopping!'

So the stallholder left the market. There he is, on the other side of the road, standing in the rain, while everyone walks straight past him on their way to the market. His little cassette player has 'Freedom' by George Michael on repeat, but it doesn't seem to be drumming up much trade.

[Thanks to Simon Hall]

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