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images.jpgDecember a time to be festive and a time to learn the language of AGMs. If you have stood for, been elected to a society executive, or are thinking of standing (Christians on the Left executive elections are coming soon) you will enter the world of society speak.



For myself as a first time secretary to the socialist societies its been an adventure in how to run a meeting, compile minutes, and understand the endless acronyms and terminology. At times it can feel like being hit over the head with a dictionary, so I am very thankful to Christians on the Left member Diane Brown for providing this useful list of terminology. 


Words added to the end of a motion.


Lists of items/or motions to be discussed at a meeting.


A proposal which seeks to change the wording of a (motion) without being the opposite.

Composite Motion

Compromises parts or all of a number of motions on the same subject.

Conference Chair

Person to conduct the business meeting.


An elected representative who is delegated to represent their, Branch, Consistency, Conferences, Committees.

Emergency Motion

A motion covering an issue which has arisen since the closing date for motions and amendments and is not cover by either.

(To be) Mandated

To represent the views of your organisation.


They are a record of attendance/apologies and decisions taken.


A proposal which seeking action on a specific topic or subject.

Order of business

A note of the order in which any motions.. will be taken at conference or meeting

Point of Order

A question relating to the order or procedure of the meeting.


The minimum number of people legally or constitutionally required to be present before a meeting can take place.

Remitted Motion(s)

Motion(s) not taken before close of business and referred to Ruling Body (without discussion).


A Motion which is voted on and carried to be taken forward by the Ruling Body for action.

Right of Reply

The mover of the motion has the right to reply to opposition of their motion.


Person elected to oversee the election count and announce results.

Standing Order

Rules by which the procedure of a meeting is run.

Substantive Motion

A motion that has been amended.


The person elected to count votes

Vote to Remit the Motion

Motion to be given to the Ruling Body to handle

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